If you follow my blog from the beginning, you will know that 4Minute is my first and biggest love in this Kpop world, even when I love AOA in this time, 4Minute’s still in my heart. But today the name ‘4Minute’ was gone, if I say I’m okay now, so I’m a liar. I will post they old performances day by day, believe me.
Collection Information
Artist: 4Minute
Language: Korean & Japanese
Number of Disc: 20 Disc
Quality: MP3 320 Kbps & iTunes Plus AAC M4A
Time: 2009-2016
Disc List
[2009.06.15] 4Minute – Hot Issue (Digital Single)
[2009.08.28] 4Minute – For Muzik (1st Mini Album)
[2010.05.05] 4Minute – Muzik (1st Japanese Single)
[2010.05.19] 4Minute – Hit Your Heart (2nd Mini Album)
[2010.07.28] 4Minute – I My Me Mine (2nd Japanese Single)
[2010.10.27] 4Minute – First _ Dreams Come True (3rd Japanese Single)
[2010.12.15] 4Minute – DIAMOND (1st Japanese Album)
[2011.03.29] 4Minute – Why (4th Japanese Single)
[2011.04.05] 4Minute – 4minutes Left (1st Album)
[2011.09.07] 4Minute – Heart to Heart (5th Japanese Single)
[2011.12.07] 4Minute – Ready Go (6th Japanese Single)
[2012.04.09] 4Minute – Volume Up (3rd Mini Album)
[2012.08.22] 4Minute – Love Tension (7th Japanese Single)
[2012.09.26] 4Minute – Best Of 4Minute (Compilation Album)
[2013.04.26] 4Minute – Name is 4Minute (4th Mini Album)
[2013.06.28] 4Minute – Is it Poppin_ (Digital Single)
[2014.03.17] 4Minute – 4Minute World (5th Mini Album)
[2015.01.25] 4Minute – Cold Rain (Digital Single)
[2015.02.09] 4Minute – Crazy (6th Mini Album)
[2016.02.01] 4Minute – Act. 7 (7th Mini Album)
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Source: CUBE Ent
Info: MP3 & AAC (320 & 256 Kbps) | 44.1 KHz | 2 Channels