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Performers: AOA, I.O.I, Twice, BTS, Cosmic Girls, Oh My Girl, B.A.P, SF9, VIXX, Nine Muses A, The East Light, Laboum, Lovelyz, Mamamoo, Big Brain, Seventeen, Sonamoo, Soul Latido, Snuper, NC.A, Up10tion, Girl Girl, Imfact, Pentagon, Han Dong Geun
Location: Seoul, South Korea
Time: 2016.12.23
On Air (KBS): 2016.12.23
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HD-720p 60fps:
GD: Pt1Pt2Pt3Pt4
Mega: Pt1Pt2Pt3Pt4
Source: KBS HDTV
Encode: Siege Tank Γÿ╝ Upload: Tellu
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